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Sanggukine (상국이네)

Sanggukine (상국이네)

243m    11     2020-05-28

40-1, Gunam-ro 41beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Located in Haeundae Market, Sanggukine presents tteokbokki made with chewy rice cakes and the taste of real fish cake.

MAMA Guesthouse Haeundae [Korea Quality] / 마마 게스트하우스 해운대점 [한국관광 품질인증]

MAMA Guesthouse Haeundae [Korea Quality] / 마마 게스트하우스 해운대점 [한국관광 품질인증]

267m    0     2020-12-10

40, Jungdong 1-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
+82-70-7797-3650, +82-10-5054-9692

MAMA Guesthouse, named after its dedication to ‘a warm place to rest, like mother’s heart’, offers a comfortable place to stay, just like back home. Its location between Haeundae Station and Haeundae Beach makes it a popular place to stay for the travelers on foot. Haeundae Market is located 2 to 3 minutes away by foot, giving the guests ample opportunities to enjoy Busan’s trademark dishes. MAMA Guesthouse offers storage and concierge services for the convenience of the guests. The reception desk offers a variety of tourist maps of Busan. All rooms are fitted with free Wi-Fi systems, while the common lounge offers a common PC for the use of guests.

There are 15 rooms in total, with most rooms such as the Standard Double, Standard Twin, Bunk Twin, Bunk Triple, and Bunk Family offering an optimal setup for travelers in groups of 2 to 4. Each room has its own bathroom, and features a minimalist setup with beds, minibar, TV, makeup tables, bathroom supplies, and a hairdryer. Guests are not allowed to cook in the rooms; there is a common kitchen, equipped with microwave oven, toaster, cooking and dining utensils, and a water cooler for that purpose. There is also a common laundry room, invaluable for long-term stays. A simple, free breakfast spread is laid out each morning in the common kitchen with items such as cereal, juice, milk, boiled eggs, toast, coffee, jam, and butter.

INDY HOTEL & GUESTHOUSE [Korea Quality] / 인디호텔게스트하우스 [한국관광 품질인증]

INDY HOTEL & GUESTHOUSE [Korea Quality] / 인디호텔게스트하우스 [한국관광 품질인증]

276m    1     2020-09-10

32, Gunam-ro 24beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Indy Hotel Guesthouse is conveniently located near Haeundae Station on Busan Metro Line 2, from which it's easy to get to the downtown area, with Haeundae Beach a mere 2 minutes away on foot. As a 5-story building with 29 rooms, it can accommodate up to 94 people. There are Double Rooms, Twin Rooms, and Standard Rooms as well as dormitory with capsule rooms that can sleep up to 6 and 8. Room rates are inclusive of free breakfast. The guesthouse also features free sauna, lounge, terrace, cafeteria, coin laundry, and shared computer for the convenience of the guests. The lobby is on the 2nd floor, and the entrance to the guesthouse is next to the parking lot. There is a trick art on the wall of the parking lot for fun.

Festival del Oso Polar de Haeundae (해운대 북극곰 축제)

Festival del Oso Polar de Haeundae (해운대 북극곰 축제)

294m    1452     2020-06-01

Dalmaji-gil 62-beongil 47, Haeundae-gu, Busan.

Este festival está dedicado a la natación, más específicamente, a las personas que hacen natación durante el invierno en aguas muy frías, igual que los osos polares. Es posible anotarse para participar de diferentes competencias.

BENIKEA Marianne Hotel (베니키아 프리미어 마리안느호텔)

BENIKEA Marianne Hotel (베니키아 프리미어 마리안느호텔)

325m    722     2019-11-01

310, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Located in Haeundae and opened in July 2014, BENIKEA Marianne Hotel is a business hotel consisting of 127 rooms for tourists and business visitors.

The hotel is close to Haeundae Beach so it offers a great view from guest rooms and the sky lounge, embracing the city and the sea. Freshly prepared rooms provide comfort and a 24-hour business center helps business customers with useful work-related facilities and service.

O guest [Korea Quality] / 오게스트 앤 미니호텔[한국관광 품질인증]

O guest [Korea Quality] / 오게스트 앤 미니호텔[한국관광 품질인증]

368m    2     2020-09-10

2 FL, 11, Gunam-ro 8beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Located one minute away on foot from Exit #5 of Haeundae Station of Busan Subway Line No. 2, O’GUEST & Mini Hotel consists of two floors of guest house and hotel-level rooms.
There are separate quad dormitories for men and women, and the rooms can be used by one up to four persons. There is also a Korean-style room that can be used by a maximum of three persons.
The place is good for not only solo travelers but also staying friends and families. The communal kitchen and café are located in the lobby on the second floor.
A simple complimentary breakfast is offered, and there is a communal computer. You can also watch a movie shown through a beam projector.
It takes about five minutes on foot from the guest house to Haeundae Beach; Gunam-ro Street, the center of Haeundae, is also located nearby.

Festival de la Arena de Haeundae (해운대 모래축제)

Festival de la Arena de Haeundae (해운대 모래축제)

387m    4590     2020-04-14

Jungdong 2-ro 11, Haeundae-gu, Busan

El festival tiene lugar en la playa Haeundae, el destino perfecto para los viajes de verano. Está preparada una variedad de programas para disfrutar en las aguas y en la arena de la costa: Campeonato de vóley de playa, exposición de las esculturas de arena, etc. También habrá espectáculos nocturnos, como es el caso del show de los fuegos artificiales, conciertos musicales, etc.

En particular, la zona es ideal para los viajes turísticos, porque a su cercanía están el Mercado de Jagalchi, la playa de Gwangalli, el parque Taejongdae, etc., y también podrá degustar de los pescados crudos rebanados, frescos, y a precios económicos.

BUSINESS HOTEL HAEUNDAE S [Korea Quality] / 해운대비지니스호텔S [한국관광 품질인증]

BUSINESS HOTEL HAEUNDAE S [Korea Quality] / 해운대비지니스호텔S [한국관광 품질인증]

428m    63     2020-09-10

49, Gunamno 8gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Haeundae Business Hotel S was listed as one of the Korea Quality Premier Class hotels with low-medium room rates in 2017. Fully renovated in March 2015, the business hotel has clean rooms at reasonable rates, making it one of the most popular places to lodge in Busan among business travelers, families, and tourists from other countries. It's very conveniently located as well, with Haeundae Station on Busan Metro Line 2 a mere 3 minutes away and Haeundae Beach only 5-10 minutes away, both on foot. It's also very close to a number of popular tourist destinations including The Bay 101, Dongbaekseom Island, Haeundae Beach, and Yonggungsa Temple.

Haeunsagye (해운사계)

Haeunsagye (해운사계)

477m    21     2020-04-23

71, Gunam-ro 8beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Located a mere five-minute distance from Haeundae beach, Haeunsagye serves dishes made with vegetables organically grown on the roof top of the restaurant. It is equipped with private rooms for 4 people, 6 people, 8 people, and 12 people good for business lunches or dinners, company dinners, or other various types of gatherings and a large hall that can accommodate up to 70 people. In all of the rooms, guests can enjoy a beautiful garden.

Hotel Libero (리베로호텔)

251m    225     2018-03-06

21, Gunam-ro 29beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Situated near Haeundae Beach, Hotel Libero opened in 1994 as Hotel Riviera Haeundae. The hotel features beautifully decorated guestrooms, as well as as wedding hall, banquet room, restaurants, coffee shops, and high-speed internet connections in the business center. Moreover, the hotel is connected with a large department store for travelers to enjoy business and pleasure.

OPS - Haeundae Branch (옵스 - 해운대점)

318m    31     2016-06-08

31, Jungdong 1-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan

OPS - Haeundae Branch opened in 1996 as the second OPS branch after the main one in Namcheong-dong. The store serves 100% handmade fresh bakery products and beverages such as fresh juice, coffee, or chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), which go perfectly with its delicious cakes. The store also serves a morning set. Reservation is available via phone.

Korean Restaurant Yeyije (예이제 한정식)

494m    70     2019-11-01

29, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro 298beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Yeyije is a Korean restaurant located across from Paradise Hotel in Haeundae, Busan. Luxurious yet cozy atmosphere help customers enjoy their meal that are only cooked with natural ingredients.