Sangjogam County Park (상족암군립공원)

  • Sangjogam County Park (상족암군립공원)
  • Sangjogam County Park (상족암군립공원)
  • Sangjogam County Park (상족암군립공원)
  • Sangjogam County Park (상족암군립공원)
  • Sangjogam County Park (상족암군립공원)


The breathtaking view of the South Coast can be seen at a glance from Sangjogam County Park. The glittery surface and towering cliffs create a spectacular backdrop. Clear footprints of dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era remain extending over the coast around Sangjogam region, and thus the area was designated Goseong-gun Gosi No. 20. on November 10, 1983. The beach in front of the Youth Center contains shingles worn down by the tide and a precipitous wall of stratified rocks can be seen beyond the wide bedrock of dinosaur footprints. The rocks are named after the table leg-shaped stone caves such as “Ssangjok” or “Ssangbal”. Many oddly shaped rocks inside the caves have their own folktales. According to one tale, fairies from heaven came down to the Sangjokgul Cave to weave clothes out of brocade for the King of Heaven, and bathed in the Seonnyoetang Pond. The shape of a loom and a puddle still exist. Nearby the cave, Chotdaebawi Rock and Byeongpungbawi Rock create scenery beyond description and leisure cruise boats toss up gentle sea waves. Naturally, the park continuously attracts numerous tourists in all seasons. Also, many are drawn to the mysterious dinosaur footprint fossils at Sangjogam. The site is recognized as one of three major dinosaurs sites in the world, along with those in Brazil and Canada. The footprints belong to dinosaurs familiarized by the popular movie, ‘Jurassic Park’, such as Brontosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus and Naranosaurus. It has been designated Natural Monument No. 411, as dinosaur footprints are valuable resources in discovering the uncovered mysteries of life before the appearance of mankind.



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42-23, Deongmyeong 5-gil, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do