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Dokdo Island Observatory Cable Car (독도전망대 케이블카)

Dokdo Island Observatory Cable Car (독도전망대 케이블카)

11328     2020-02-21

Do-dong, Ulleung-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The Dokdo Island Observatory Cable Car, from which one can get a bird's eye view of Ulleungdo Island, is a must-see tourist attraction. Located inside the Dodong Yaksu Park, the cable car takes visitors up to Manghyangbong Peak. When the sky is really clear (about 50 days a year), you can see as far as Dokdo Island that is located 92 kilometers away. This is also the first place to view the rising sun in Ulleungdo Island.

Inje Speedium Resort Circuit (인제스피디움리조트 서킷)

Inje Speedium Resort Circuit (인제스피디움리조트 서킷)

5895     2020-02-10

130, Sanghadap-ro, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do

Inje Speedium Resort Circuit is 3.9 kilometers in length, suitable for international competitions, and is open to all visitors who would like to safely experience the thrill of racing. The circuit has the highest level of safety standards in Korea, and features hills for an exciting ride. The circuit can be enjoyed via the circuit cart, a special vehicle designed just to travel around the circuit and which can be driven without any special circuit license. Courses include the Circuit Safari, driven by a professional driver, along with Circuit Taxi and Sports Drive, which visitors can drive by themselves.

Korea University Ice Skating Rink (고려대학교 아이스링크)

Korea University Ice Skating Rink (고려대학교 아이스링크)

28382     2020-02-06

145, Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul

The indoor ice-skating rink is located in Korea University in Anam-dong in the Seongbuk-gu district of Seoul. This Olympic size rink welcomes guests all year long.

Saryeoni Forest Trail (사려니숲길)

Saryeoni Forest Trail (사려니숲길)

10031     2019-12-20

Entrance of Bulgeun Oreum, Gasi-ri, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Saryeoni Forest Trail cuts through the dense Japanese cedar forest growing between Mulchat Oreum and Saryeoni Oreum, starting from the entrance on Regional Road 1112. While the vast majority of the trees growing here are Japanese cedar, visitors can also see Japanese oak, birch, snowbell trees, and cypress trees along this 550-meter-long trail. The forest trail is known as one of Jeju's top 31 hidden attractions, and is well-known as being very protected. It is very popular among tourists who enjoy hiking and the outdoors.

Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink (서울광장 스케이트장)

Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink (서울광장 스케이트장)

99687     2019-12-06

110, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul

Seoul Plaza was established in 2004, and is located by Seoul City Hall. The plaza is shaped like the full moon. Seoul Plaza hosts a wide array of cultural events including concerts and exhibitions for residents and visitors. The plaza transforms into an outdoor skating rink every winter, a popular attraction in the city.

The facility houses one rink for beginners and one for advanced skaters, and also hosts various events during its operating hours. There are also convenient facilities like skate rental, outdoor rest area, and outdoor standing area for ice skaters and spectators.

Ice skaters at the rink must wear gloves, and the plaza also offers a training program to teach interested individuals how to have fun while skating safely. To learn how to skate, visit the website to register for a training session in advance.

Zipline Mungyeong (짚라인 문경)

Zipline Mungyeong (짚라인 문경)

32969     2019-11-27

174, Buljeong-gil, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Zipline Korea built a zip-line facility in Buljeong Recreational Forest in Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do under strict supervision and design by professional engineers after going through several years overseas field survey. Visitors can enjoy the zipline regardless of weather conditions all year around. Take part in this internationally popular eco adventure to get rid of your stress.

Hallasan Mountain Trekking (한라산 트레킹)

Hallasan Mountain Trekking (한라산 트레킹)

110609     2019-11-27

2070-61, 1100-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Situated on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Hallasan is 1,950 meters in x_height and is the highest mountain in South Korea. Formed from volcanic activity, the mountain is a dormant volcano made mostly of basalt. Home to the magnificent Baekrokdam (lake-filled crater), the mountainside is covered with alpine flora and lush trees.

The mountain is characterized by majestic cliffs, steep slopes, interesting rock formations, and, in particular, myriads of colorful azaleas. There are over 360 small mountains (uniquely-shaped volcanic mountains called “Oreum” in Jeju dialect) surrounding Halla Mountain that offer new delights to visitors with the coming of each new season. Along with Hallasan, the oreums were officially named the Hallasan Natural Protection Area (Natural Monument No.12) in 1966.

There are six hiking trails along Hallasan. Seongpanak Trail on the east and Gwaneumsa Trail in the north go all the way up to the summit (Baekrokdam). Those looking for a less rigorous hike are advised to take the shorter trails reaching midway up the mountain. All trails are relatively short (less than 10 kilometers) and can be hiked in less than a day. Visitors are advised, however, to start early in the morning if planning on hiking up to the summit and to check official operating hours, as some trails are only open during certain hours of the day. Keep reading for information on some of the most popular trails.

* Gwaneumsa Trail (North)—Summit Trail
Gwaneumsa Trail offers hikers the best view of Hallasan’s deep valleys and stunning terrain. Midway along the trail is Guringul (a lava cave) and Tamna Valley. Tamna Valley is especially beautiful during the fall when the leaves are changing and during the winter when the entire area lays under a dusting of snow.

* Seongpanak Trail (East)—Summit Trail
This relatively long, gently sloping trail is perfect for beginners. Lush broadleaf trees give shade from the beating sun and in spring the azaleas bloom and turn the mountainside into a dazzling array of color.

* Eorimok Trail (Northwest)
This short trail is another relatively easy trail for beginners. In spring, the nearby meadows are adorned with red royal azaleas. From the stone pathway to Mansedongsan visitors can catch a breathtaking panoramic view of the countryside and the island’s signature Oreums.

* Yeongsil Trail (Southwest)
As the shortest trail in Hallasan, this trail boasts Yeongsilgiam (a spectacular cliff with series of unusual rock formations). It is covered with azaleas and royal azaleas in spring and vibrant autumn foliage starting in October.

Seoul Sports Complex (Jamsil Sports Complex) (서울종합운동장(잠실종합운동장))

Seoul Sports Complex (Jamsil Sports Complex) (서울종합운동장(잠실종합운동장))

105171     2019-11-27

25, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Situated in Jamsil-dong, the Seoul Sports Complex was completed in December 1976. Seoul Olympic Stadium, the centerpiece of the Seoul Sports Complex (also called Jamsil Sports Complex) is surrounded by the housing complex for athletes, Jamsil Apartment Complex, Hangang River, and Tancheon Stream. Olympic Park is located 3.5 kilometers from the stadium.

Close to the Sports Complex Station, the complex is easily accessible to the public. The complex is also home to a baseball stadium, two swimming centers, an indoor sports facility, a supplementary track field, and an indoor sports facility for students. The large park frequently hosts wedding ceremonies.

Seoul Olympic Stadium has hosted some of the biggest global sporting events including the 10th Asian Games and the 24th Seoul Olympics. Naturally, it has attracted millions of visitors to its various sporting events. In recent years, it has been a popular venue for giant concerts, events, and, of course, sporting events.

Cheongpung Land (청풍랜드)

Cheongpung Land (청풍랜드)

82973     2019-11-27

6, Cheongpungho-ro 50-gil, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

Cheongpung Land was created in 2002 near Chungjuho Lake in Cheongpung-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do. It features beautiful scenery and the maximum use of practical space to build Korea’s first multi-tower. Based on planning, constructing, and test runs, it is operated by Over Class Inc. which is cosigned by Jecheon-si. The multi-tower’s three main facilities are a 62-meter Bungee Jump, Korea’s first-ever Ejection Seat, and Big Swing. The bungee jump highlights safety by adding a safety line to the gear to prevent falling accidents caused by breaking of the bungee cord rubber.

Jeongdongjin Rail Bike (정동진 레일바이크)

Jeongdongjin Rail Bike (정동진 레일바이크)

7277     2019-11-26

17, Jeongdongyeok-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

The Jeongdongjin Rail Bike is one of the must-try leisure activities in Gangwon-do. Departing from Jeongdongjin Station, a ride on the rail bike offers an experience to enjoy the cool breeze from the sea right along the railway tracks.

Olympic Park Ice Skating Rink (올림픽공원 스케이트장)

31255     2019-12-12

448, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Located in Songpa-gu, Seoul, the Olympic Park Peace Plaza Ice Skating Rink is open every winter. Seoul Olympic Museum, Soma Museum of Art, and Mongchontoseong Fortress are also within the vicinity. In addition, varied events will take place for all visitors to enjoy. Subsidiary facilities include a resting area, skate rental shop, and snack bar alike.

Gangneung Curling Center (강릉컬링센터 (강릉실내빙상장))

635     2019-11-26

32, Jonghabundongjang-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

Gangneung Curling Center is an ice skating link that served as the venue for curling games during 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Located on the basement of the curling center, visitors to the ice rink can enjoy skating at an affordable price.