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Bukseorak Hwangto Maeul [Korea Quality] / 북설악황토마을 [한국관광 품질인증]

Bukseorak Hwangto Maeul [Korea Quality] / 북설악황토마을 [한국관광 품질인증]

474     2020-01-22

333-3, Hwangtae-gil, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do

Bukseorak Hwangto Maeul, a village consisting of six ‘hanok’ houses, provides guests with the perfect opportunity to stay in a traditional house of Gangwon-do province. In the past, Neowajip, or houses built by weaving strips of wood together, gradually developed and became the province’s traditional type of house. The six houses of the village – named Sopoong, Hwangto Neowajip, Hwangtojip, Chogajip, Dolgiwajip, and Sandol Neowajip - were built with red clay and have a Korean floor heating system to help guests relieve their fatigue and stress and restore their health. In particular, Sandol Neowajip was constructed by covering the roof with shingles in the Gangwon-do style, while environmentally-friendly construction materials such as paper mulberry and soybeans were used for the wallpaper and the floors. As the Inje area is home to three largest passes of Seoraksan Mountain, namely Misiryeong, Hangyeryeong, and Jinburyeong, it attracts many tourists who come to enjoy its green deep woods in summer, its colorful foliage in autumn, and its snowy mountain scenery in winter.

Indy Hotel Guesthouse [Korea Quality] / 인디호텔게스트하우스 [한국관광 품질인증]

Indy Hotel Guesthouse [Korea Quality] / 인디호텔게스트하우스 [한국관광 품질인증]

453     2020-01-22

32, Gunam-ro 24beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Indy Hotel Guesthouse is conveniently located near Haeundae Station on Busan Metro Line 2, from which it's easy to get to the downtown area, with Haeundae Beach a mere 2 minutes away on foot. As a 5-story building with 29 rooms, it can accommodate up to 94 people. There are Double Rooms, Twin Rooms, and Standard Rooms as well as dormitory with capsule rooms that can sleep up to 6 and 8. Room rates are inclusive of free breakfast. The guesthouse also features free sauna, lounge, terrace, cafeteria, coin laundry, and shared computer for the convenience of the guests. The lobby is on the 2nd floor, and the entrance to the guesthouse is next to the parking lot. There is a trick art on the wall of the parking lot for fun.

Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall (김해한옥체험관)

Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall (김해한옥체험관)

21     2020-01-10

40, Garak-ro 93beon-gil, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

The Gimhae Hanok Experience Hall built by Gimhae city and run by Gimhae Culture Foundation offers ondol-style rooms for the visitors.

Jungang Branch of the Gangneung Guest House [Korea Quality] / 강릉 게스트하우스 중앙점 [한국관광 품질인증]

Jungang Branch of the Gangneung Guest House [Korea Quality] / 강릉 게스트하우스 중앙점 [한국관광 품질인증]

1662     2020-01-07

17, Gyeonggang-ro 2103beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

The Jungang Branch of the Gangneung Guest House is situated near the Gangneung Bus Terminal; all bus services pass by the guest house, so guests can get around the whole area very easily by taking the bus. The guest house also offers easy access to surrounding tourist attractions as it is only ten minutes away from Gangneung Station and three minutes away from Jungang Market, both on foot. As a cozy communal space for guests, the lobby is ideal for enjoying a party with food and drinks. The guest house has a variety of rooms including dormitory rooms for 4-10 persons, single rooms, rooms for 2 persons etc. Even group stay is also available. Dormitary room rates based on one person; for twin rooms, extra 20,000 won charged for additional guest.

House of Sogang [Korea Quality] / 소강고택 [한국관광 품질인증]

House of Sogang [Korea Quality] / 소강고택 [한국관광 품질인증]

208     2020-01-07

22, Baraemi-gil, Bonghwa-eup, Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The House of Sogang is an approximately 110-year-old house located in the village of Baraemi in Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It was originally built for and presented to Kim Chang-gi (pen-name: Sogang), a well-known local Confucian scholar who served as the head of the Dosanseowon Confucian Academy, and who happened to be the second son of Kim Roe-sik (pen-name: Namho), the great-grandfather of the current owner. Furthermore, the House of Namho, which is situated behind the House of Sogang, was built for the first son of Kim Roe-sik, one of the richest men in the region, who borrowed money using his entire property as security and donated it to a war chest. He won an official commendation for his role in helping secure national independence in 1977. The entire village pf Baraemi is composed of traditional square-shaped houses with tiled roofs set amid a clean and peaceful atmosphere, for which it was designated as a Traditional Cultural Village way back in 1922. The name of the village, Baraemi, implies that it was originally situated by the sea, and many shell remains have been found in paddy fields and puddles there over the last 60 years. The House of Namho is a typical square-shaped house with a tiled roof, and comprises a tall gate, a front courtyard, a sarangchae (men’s quarters) with maru (wooden floor), an inner courtyard, and a bonchae (main building) among its various structures. The main construction material of the house is Chunyang pine wood, which is a rarely used these days. Thanks to the owner-family’s dedicated maintenance and care, the house has been preserved in good condition. As the typical residence of a nobleman of the late Joseon period, the house is decorated with simple interior objects including an old electric fan and a cabinet inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The house has seven guestrooms in total: The sarangchae consists of the Keunsarang and Jakeunsarang, each with a capacity of 4 to 5 people, and the Araetbang with a capacity of 2 to 3 people. In summer, guests can rent the Jakeunsarang and Sarangdaecheong together, or the Araetbang and Marutbang together, in order to have more space. In addition, the anchae has a sangbang with a capacity of 3 to 4 people, while the mugangchae consists of Mungangbang 1, which is a red clay floor-heated room, and Mungangbang 2, which can accommodate 2 to 5 people. In summer it is possible to rent the entire House of Sogang, which can accommodate anywhere from 22 to 34 people (if the Sarangmaru and Marutbang are also rented). Guests of the Keunsarang and Jakeunsarang can use a communal refrigerator, and the entire building has Wi-Fi access. Clean bedding is also provided. Although the house doesn’t provide a breakfast, the owner offers guests sweetcorn, sweet potatoes, fruit, etc. The house is also equipped with a BBQ facility, so guests can enjoy a BBQ party in the evening. Guests can easily reach various nearby cultural heritage sites, including Muryangsujeon Hall of Buseoksa Temple, Sosuseowon Confucian Academy, which was the first Confucian Academy of Korea, Ojeon Mineral Spring, Daksil Village, and Chukseosa Temple.

Hotel Charis (호텔 카리스)

Hotel Charis (호텔 카리스)

8268     2020-01-03

28, Gyeyang-daero, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon-si

Hotel Charis in Incheon is a reasonably priced boutique hotel popular among tourists and business travelers. Each guestroom comes equipped with a computer and high-speed internet. The hotel prides itself on its excellence and customized guest services.

Subsidiary facilities include a wedding hall and banquet halls outfitted with all the latest audio and visual systems for business meetings or seminars. Future brides can also book the hotel’s wedding hall or opt for one of the hotel’s premium wedding packages, which provide everything needed for a magical and memorable wedding day that’s anything but typical.

Welli Hilli Park (웰리힐리파크)

Welli Hilli Park (웰리힐리파크)

8546     2019-12-13

451, Gowon-ro, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do

Welli Hilli Park is located in the area of Sulibong Peak in Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, covering an area of 6,600 square meters and at an altitude of 540 meters. It is a year-round recreational complex, comprised of accommodations, entertainment facility, ski resort, golf range, and varied educational cultural facility for youths. Surrounded by Chiaksan National Park, Odaesan National Park and other stunning unpolluted nature areas, it has all the components to make the area a perfect nature-friendly vacation destination.

Sono Belle Vivaldi Park (소노벨 비발디파크)

Sono Belle Vivaldi Park (소노벨 비발디파크)

25048     2019-12-12

262, Hanchigol-gil, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do

Sono Belle Vivaldi Park is a comprehensive entertainment resort, located an hour and a half drive away from Seoul. The resort is equipped with a wide range of leisure facilities including the water park Ocean World, ski slopes, a golf course, and shopping mall. Surrounded by nature that provides exquisite scenery at all seasons of the year, Sono Belle Vivaldi Park is a perfect place for rest and relaxation.

The resort has the largest lodging facilities in Korea with over 2,000 rooms. Subsidiary facilities include a supermarket, sports shop, art hall, screen golf, game room, shooting range, karaoke, billiard room, table tennis room, bowling alley, gallery, clinic, bookstore, pharmacy, beauty parlor, and kids’ club.

Residence Mumum [Korea Quality] / 레지던스 머뭄 [한국관광 품질인증]

3820     2020-01-22

12-16, Dongcheon-ro 107beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan

Residence Mumum is the first residence hotel in Busan to offer comfortable guestrooms and hotel services. The rooms are furnished with a kitchen, washing machine, and breakfast cafeteria big enough to throw a small party with friends, making it a suitable place for business travelers and tourists staying in Korea for a lengthy period of time. Some of Busan’s popular tourist attractions include Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Taejongdae, Nampodong Street, and Gukje Market. Jagalchi Market is the place to go if you want to get a taste of freshly caught sliced raw fish.

Jeju Olle Resort (제주올레리조트)

23009     2020-01-09

33, Buryongsu-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

The Jeju Olle Resort offers guest a peaceful stay with nature surround the complex. Here guests can stay in luxury villas with their own private pools, and can indulge themselves in the many specialized facilities including spas, restaurant and cocktail bars.

Geumsan Oriental Medicine Spa [Korea Quality] / 금산한방스파 [한국관광 품질인증]

1039     2019-12-18

20, Insamgwangjang-ro, Geumsan-eup, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Located in Insamgwangjang-ro (Geumsan-eup, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do), the Geumsan Oriental Medicine Spa is an accommodation complex consisting of a health spa facility and a range of studio apartment-type guestrooms including twin, family and suite rooms of different sizes. The complex consists of the Oriental medicine spa on the first basement level, which operates from 5am to 10pm; the Footbath Café, which provides a foot bath facility and herbal teas, and the Korean restaurant, which serves ginseng short rib soup and various Korean beef dishes, on the first floor; and various auxiliary facilities including the Kids’ Café, massage shop, and fitness center, on the second floor. The Spa is located in the central area of the venue of the annual World Ginseng Expo held in Geumsan, which is well known for its excellent medicinal herbs and ginseng. As the Spa is adjacent to the Geumsan Ginseng Exhibition Hall, Geumsan International Ginseng Distribution Center, Geumsan Fresh Ginseng Market, and Geumsan Ginseng Yangnyeong Market, guests can easily experience and purchase ginseng, fresh ginseng, and a variety of medicinal herbs. Geumsan’s specialties are Ginseng Makgeolli (raw rice wine) and deep-fried ginseng.

Aneukan Motel [Korea Quality] / 아느칸 모텔 [한국관광 품질인증]

25     2019-12-13

142, Mosan-ro, Baebang-eup, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Aneukan Motel, located in Asan, South Chungcheong Province, is especially convenient for guests who use public transportation, as it is located near Baebang Station of Seoul Metro Line 1. Regional attractions like the Onyang Hot Springs, Asan Mediterranean Village, Oeam Folk Village, and Gokgyocheon Gingko Tree Road, selected as one of the ‘Top 10 Tree-lined Roads of Korea’, are all within 10-minute drive by car from the Motel.

There are 35 rooms in total, spread out between the 1st to the 5th floors, with four different types of rooms – Standard, Special, Semi-special, and Family. All rooms are decorated with brightly colored wallpaper and large pictures of sceneries. The Family room is optimal for family guests with its heated floor, while the Special room is equipped with special bath chairs and whirlpool bathtubs for guests with disabilities. The rooms are also equipped with visual warning devices for guests with hearing impairments. With the cleanliness of bedding, bathrooms and all, the accommodations were listed by Asan-si City as one of the most hygienic places. Complimentary laundry service is offered to guests staying for more than two nights.