Windy Hill (바람의 언덕)

  • Windy Hill (바람의 언덕)
  • Windy Hill (바람의 언덕)
  • Windy Hill (바람의 언덕)
  • Windy Hill (바람의 언덕)
  • Windy Hill (바람의 언덕)
  • Windy Hill (바람의 언덕)


On the way to Haegeumgang Village, one may encounter the fishing village of Dojangpo. On the left side of the village is Dojangpo Wharf, from where one can take a tour ferry to Oedo Island and Haegeumgang River. Looking up from here, one can see a hill covered in grass and overlooking the sea. This is Windy Hill.

A growing number visitors come to the place after it was used as a filming site for popular Korean dramas such as "Eve's Garden (2003)" and "Merry-Go-Round (2004)." The name “Windy Hill” was given by those who visited the island and became a fan. Walking toward the hill along the wooden promenade from the wharf, one can see Hakdong Village from a distance.




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Dramas "Eve's Garden (2003)," "Merry-Go-Round (2003)"
Variety show "1 Night 2 Days"

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Dojangpo Maeul, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do