Hambaeksan Mountain (함백산)

  • Hambaeksan Mountain (함백산)
  • Hambaeksan Mountain (함백산)
  • Hambaeksan Mountain (함백산)
  • Hambaeksan Mountain (함백산)
  • Hambaeksan Mountain (함백산)
  • Hambaeksan Mountain (함백산)


With an elevation of 1,573 meters above sea level, Hambaeksan Mountain is the tallest mountain in the eastern part of Gangwon-do. The main ridge of the mountain stretches between the city of Taebaek to the east and Yeongwol and Jeongseon counties to the west. The mountain offers a fine vantage point from which to get a sweeping look at the entire region (including Taebaeksan and Baegunsan mountains) and commands a striking view of the sunrise over East Sea. The three starting points for hiking Hambaeksan Mountain are Dumundongjae Pass, Manhangjae Pass, and the entrance to the Jeokjoam Hermitage. The hiking path that begins at Dumundongjae Pass and leads to the peak is especially recommended for its scenic views. Hambaeksan Mountain is particularly well known for its breathtaking snowscapes and extensive wildflower beds.

Hambaeksan Mountain is also home to Jeongamsa Temple, which was built by Buddhist monk Jajangyulsa in the year 636 during the reign of Queen Seondeok of the Silla Kingdom. The temple is home to the Sumanotap Pagoda (Treasure No. 410) and is bordered by a stream that provides a natural habitat for the Brachmystax lenok (Natural Monument No. 73), a member of the trout family.




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4246-55, Taebaeksan-ro, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do