Yeongcheon Eunhaesa Temple (은해사 (영천))

  • Yeongcheon Eunhaesa Temple (은해사 (영천))
  • Yeongcheon Eunhaesa Temple (은해사 (영천))
  • Yeongcheon Eunhaesa Temple (은해사 (영천))


Eunhaesa Temple, located on Palgongsan Mountain in Yeongcheon city, Gyeongsangbuk-do, is one of two major temples on the mountain along with Donghwasa Temple.

The temple was founded by Monk Hyecheol and was given the name Haeansa Temple in the first year of King Heondeok’s reign during the Silla Kingdom (AD 809), but was moved to the current site in the Joseon dynasty in 1546 (the first year of King Myeongjong). Upon its relocation, King Injong of Joseon dynasty was commemorated with a new lecture hall along with a memorial stone plaque where the king's umbilical cord was buried and sealed. It was then when the temple was also given its current name, Eunhaesa Temple.

The temple houses the main shrine, Bohwaru pavilion, Seolseondan Hall, Shimgeondang Hall, eight small hermitages, as well as Baegeungam Temple, Jungangam Temple, and a professional Buddhist education institution, the Eunhaesa Buddhist University. Eunhaesa Temple is home to a National Treasure, Geojoamyongsanjeon Hall, and Treasure, Baekheungamgeukrakjeon Hall. It also contains Treasure, the Sunidan Buddha Platform; Treasure, the Wunbuamcheongdongbosal Seated Buddha Statue; and Treasure, the Eunhaesa Temple Gwaebultaeng hanging Buddha picture. The area is also close to the Seongbu Museum, which exhibits cultural assets from Eunhaesa Temple and the neighboring areas, as well as popular tourist attractions such as Geukrakgul grotto of Jungangam temple (Hwaeomgul Grotto), Geondeul Rock, Manyeonsong Pine Tree, Ganggunsu Waters, and Anheungpokpo Falls of Gigiam Temple.




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Experience Guide : [Eunhaesa Temple Stay]
- Temple Cultural Experience, Buddhist Alms Bowl, Buddhist Service, Walking, etc.

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Hiking Course
* Eunhaesa Temple - Dongbong Peak - Seonbonjae - Gatbawi Rock - Gatbawi Rock Parking Lot
* Eunhaesa Temple - Dongbong Peak - Pagyejae - Gasan - Hakmyeong-dong

Tour Course Information
[Eunhaesa Pilgrimage Course]

Course 1: Eunhaesa Temple → Bulgulsa Temple (Gatbawai Rock → Bulgulsa Temple → Eunhaesa Temple)

Course 2: Gatbawai Rock → Eunhaesa Temple → Geojoam Hermitage

Course 3: Eunhaesa Temple → Geojoam Hermitage → Ingaksa Temple (Ingaksa Temple → Geojoam Hermitage → Eunhaesa Temple)

Course 4: Geojoam Hermitage → Eunhaesa Temple → Bulgulsa Temple

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951, Cheongtong-ro, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do