Yeongju Museom Village (영주 무섬마을)

  • Yeongju Museom Village (영주 무섬마을)
  • Yeongju Museom Village (영주 무섬마을)
  • Yeongju Museom Village (영주 무섬마을)
  • Yeongju Museom Village (영주 무섬마을)
  • Yeongju Museom Village (영주 무섬마을)


Located in Sudo-ri (Munsu-myeon, Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do), Museom Village is a charming hanok village surrounded by water. Flowing down from Sobaeksan Mountain and Taebaeksan Mountain, Naeseongcheon Stream and Yeongjucheon Stream converge and loop around Museom Village, surrounding the village on three sides with water. The island-like village is not only a center of traditional Korean culture, but also has a gorgeous natural landscape complete with a wide sandy beach riverside and a lush forest inland.

Known for Haeudang and Manjukje houses (two of the most historical hanok houses in the area), the village is also home to other outstanding traditional houses such as the Kim Gyu-jin House and the Kim Wi-jin House. Manjukje is located at the heart of the village and is popular among international visitors, as it is the oldest traditional house in the hanok village. Manjukje was built in 1666 (7th year of King Heonjong's reign) by Bak Su (the father of the Bannam Bak Family).

Nearby Manjukje is Manun House, built in the early 19th century and named after Kim Hwi-geol (penname “Manun”). The house later became the home of the wife of the famous poet Jo Ji-hun, author of “Byeolli,” a poem expressing the beauty of Museom Village.

Other notable houses include the Kim Wi-jin House (a house belonging to aristocrats), the Kim Jeong-gyu House (a house without the traditional outer fencing), and the Bak Jae-yeon House, where the writings of Bak Gyu-su (a respected scholar during the Joseon period) still remain today.

Another famous attraction in the village is the Single Log Bridge, which was the village’s only connection to the outside world for over 350 years before the construction of Sudo Bridge in 1979. It is a tiny bridge in terms of x_width (30 cm), but it stretches for over 150 meters. It is said that the bridge was rebuilt annually after being destroyed each rainy season. With the construction of Sudo Bridge, the Single Log Bridge was no longer needed, but was rebuilt some time later in its original form. To celebrate the bridge’s impressive history, each year the Oenamu Dari Festival (literally, “Single Log Bridge Festival”) is held in October.




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31-12, Museom-ro 234beon-gil, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do