Buil Makguksu (부일막국수)


Thanks to a grand view and a peaceful atmosphere, dinners can fully enjoy their dishes in Buil Makguksu. This restaurant’s pride and joy, hypocaust room (a room heated by hot air under the floor and in the walls), is large enough to accommodate group customers. Pictures hanging on the wall and fixtures enhance its peaceful atmosphere. All employees wear a green apron and look so neat as they welcome customers with a smile

Comment ça marche?

Menu Représentant : Suyuk (sliced boiled beef)

Demandes de renseignements et d'information : +82-33-572-1277

Heures : 10:00 ~ 20:30(winter time), 11:30 ~ 20:30(summer time)

Des places de parking : Available

Off jours : Every first Tuesday

menu Traitement : Suyuk (sliced boiled beef)- 15,000 won (Large)/10,000 won (Regular)
Mul Makguksu (Buckwheat noodle with cold broth and vegetables)- 4,500won(Large)/4,000won(Regular)


7, Pyeongdeung-gil, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do