Sigol Makguksu (시골막국수)


Sigol Makguksu specializes in Chuncheon’s signature dish makguksu (spicy buckwheat noodles). Preserving a proud culinary tradition of over 30 years, Sigol Makguksu serves some of the area’s finest noodles as well as pyeonyuk (slices of boiled meat) and traditional tofu dishes. The restaurant is located in Sinbuk-eup past the Yeougogae Pass to the north of downtown Chuncheon.



Comment ça marche?

Menu Représentant : Makguksu (spicy buckwheat noodles)

Demandes de renseignements et d'information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-33-242-6833

Jour de l'inauguration : 1999

Heures : 10:30-20:00

Des places de parking : Available (25 spaces)

Politique de réservation : Tel: +82-33-242-6833

Off jours : N/A (Open all year round)
* Inquire in advance

menu Traitement :
- Makguksu (spicy buckwheat noodles)
- Pyeonyuk (slices of boiled meat)
- Bindaetteok (mung bean pancake)
- Dotorimuk (acorn jelly salad)
- Chondubu (traditional tofu)


100, Yulmun-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do