Fat Grandma's Place (뚱뚱이할머니집)

  • Fat Grandma's Place (뚱뚱이할머니집)


An elderly lady with fine wrinkles is still in charge of creating the captivating taste of jokbal (steamed pork hock). Originally, the restaurant did not have a name, but customers referred to it as the “Fat Grandma’s Place.” Sure enough, as you enter the restaurant, you will notice a plump, elderly lady with silver hair sitting at the counter. The place is well known for jokbal with an exquisite combination of rich meat and soft fat. Three or four ingredients, including ginger, are added to the simmering broth to eliminate the strong meat smell. When you order a small serving, you are served radish “water” kimchi as well as two small bindaetteok free. You can order additional bindaetteok too, three for 5,000 won. When you order a large serving, you are served four free bindaetteok. Many customers order jaengbanguksu (spicy buckwheat noodles), which goes perfectly with jokbal.


Fat Grandma's Place +82-2-2273-5320 / 2279-2714

Comment ça marche?

Menu Représentant : Jokbal (steamed pork hock)

Jour de l'inauguration : 1969

Heures : 24 hours

Des places de parking : Valet parking

Politique de réservation : not available

Off jours : Open all year round

Échelle : 2nd story building / 20 tables in 1st, 40 tables in 2nd

Nombre de places : 1st floor -40 seats2nd floor -60 seats

menu Traitement : Large serving of jokbal: 30,000 won Medium serving of jokbal: 25,000 won Small serving of jokbal: 20,000 won Medium serving of jaengbanguksu: 10,000 won

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Located in restaurant / common use

Subsidiary Facilities

Subsidiary Facilities


174-1, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul-si