Bonga Nakji-bokkeum (본가낙지볶음)

  • Bonga Nakji-bokkeum (본가낙지볶음)


Fresh octopus and a variety of seafood create special flavor at this restaurant. The octopus is mixed with a variety of vegetables and noodles and cooked on a pan with noodles to make a mouth watering dish. They serve stir-fried octopus, stir-fried shrimp, and beef tripe.



Comment ça marche?

Menu Représentant : Nakji-bokkeum (stir-fried Octopus)

Demandes de renseignements et d'information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-51-642-1041

Heures : 09:00-21:30

Des places de parking : Paid parking lot

Politique de réservation : Tel: +82-51-642-1041

Off jours : N/A (Open all year round)

menu Traitement : Nakji (octopus) + Rice
Nakji (octopus) + Shrimp + Rice
Nakji (octopus) + Gopchang (intestine) + Rice
Nakji (octopus) + Gopchang (interstine) + Shrimp + Rice


2-13, Gold thema-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan