Ho Lee Chow (Dogok) (홀리차우-도곡점)


Founded in 1998, Ho Lee Chow has grown to become one of Seoul's most popular Chinese restaurants. Ho Lee Chow's success is founded in its name brand, consistent food quality, customer service, and efficiency. Ho Lee Chow was started by Paul Hong and Charlie Lee. Their dishes replicate the food of the Chinese that was developed when they first immigrated to America 200 years ago. Even now, Ho Lee Chow's chefs are respectful of the Chinatown culture and traditions when preparing the dishes with traditional wok cooking methods. The food is prepared using only the freshest, high-quality, and authentic ingredients, that allow the natural flavors to emerge and consistently delight the senses. Currently, Ho Lee Chow offers a variety of specialties, clean facilities, a friendly and professional service mentality, efficient business practices, and continuous development in their business operations, service training, marketing, and personnel management.



Page d'accueil

www.holeechow.co.kr (Korean only)

Comment ça marche?

Menu Représentant : Fusion Chinese food

Heures : 11:30~22:30

Des places de parking : Parking Available(Separate valet parking fees imposed)

Politique de réservation : Available

Off jours : Open 365 days a year

Nombre de places : 180 seats

menu Traitement : Variety of steaks, seafood, soup, appetizers, chicken, noodles, desserts, and more


1F, JEI Building, 464, Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul-si