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Geoje Haegeumgang Island (거제도 해금강)

Geoje Haegeumgang Island (거제도 해금강)

15.2 Km    46258     2019-07-30

San 1, Galgot-ri, Nambu-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

As one of the best sights in Geojedo Island, Geoje Haegeumgang River is called the Geumgang River (Sea Diamond) of the South Sea. As a rock island, Haegeumgang River belongs to Hallyeo Marine National Park, which is assigned as an official green area in South Korea. Its original name was Galgotdo, because it is shaped like the spreading roots of arrowroot. These days it is known as Haegeumgang River, meaning Geumgangsan Mountain in the sea.

The most stunning scenery of Haegeumgang River is the sunset and sunrise and can be best viewed on Ilwollbong Peak or Lion Rock. There is Shipjagul Cave in the center of Haegeumgang River, which is 100m long from east to west and 180m long from south to north. It has been called Shipjagul (meaning ‘cross’ in Korean) Cave because it looks like a cross when viewed from the sky. If you go on the tour, you will be fascinated by the x_height of the rock walls and the inside of the cave. A long time ago, scholars expressed their yearning for the beauty of nature by writing and reading poems they wrote on sailboats with a bowl of makkoli (rice wine) in their hands.

When you take a ship around the island, you’ll be fascinated once more because of the great works such as the Maitreya Rock, which reflects on Eunjin Maitreya, Candlestick Rock and the 1,300 year old guardian pine tree of Haegeumgang River.

Sinseondae Observatory (신선대 전망대)

Sinseondae Observatory (신선대 전망대)

15.5 Km    16854     2020-01-08

San 21-19, Galgot-ri, Nambu-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Sinseondae Observatory, located between Dojangpo Maeul and Haegeumgang, offers picturesque views of the fantastically shaped rocks against the deep-blue ocean hues. "Sinseon" in Korean mean supernatural beings; the beauty of this spot is said to attract such beings to come frolic. The blue and yellow colors layered in the rocks tell a unique history of the terrain. A stairway from the road leads directly to the lookout point.
Just past a gas station along the coastal highway, Sinseondae Observatory reveals itself. Walking out onto the rocks of Sinseondae, views of the surrounding islands and incredible landscape open up to viewers. Many commercials and TV shows have been filmed here taking advantage of this amazing setting. April and May are the perfect times to see the bright-yellow canola flowers across the island.

Geoje Suntree Farm Resort (거제 썬트리팜리조트)

Geoje Suntree Farm Resort (거제 썬트리팜리조트)

16.4 Km    12921     2020-03-16

283, Geoje-daero, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

The Geoje Suntree Farm Resort located in Dadae-ri, Nambu-myeon in Geoje-si is has an amzaing oceanfront view. The resort offers various subsidiary facilities for families to enjoy with many attractions nearby.

Gadeokdo Lighthouse (가덕도 등대)

Gadeokdo Lighthouse (가덕도 등대)

17.3 Km    10993     2020-06-01

1237, Gadeokhaean-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan

Gadeokdo Lighthouse is a manned lighthouse patterned after the gothic style of lighthouses in France. Built in December, 1909 at the end of the Daehan Empire (1897-1910), it is an intricate building that houses a light tower (9.2 meters high), an office, and a lighthouse keeper’s room. Plum blossoms, the symbol of the imperial family of Joseon, are delicately carved along this European-style building. It is considered a remarkable cultural property not only because of its architectural design, unique shape or historic value, but also because it has been surprisingly well-maintained, especially in comparison to other lighthouses built during the same period. In recognition of its unmatched style and preservation, the old Gadeokdo lighthouse was designated Tangible Cultural Property No. 50 of Busan in Sep. 2003. It is owned and managed by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. A new lighthouse was built next to the original one in 2002. The new lighthouse structure is octagonal in shape and 40.5 meters high, the second highest lighthouse in Korea.

Gadeokdo Island, the location of Gadeokdo lighthouse, is often referred to as the ‘Island of History,’ and is the largest island in Busan. Gadeokdo, a strategically important base for military operations and seaborne trade, was the stage for a number of gruesome battles during the Imjin War (1592-1598). Today, it is a critical entry point to the Jinhae Bay.

Gadeokdo Lighthouse is located within a national naval base. Therefore, visitors must contact and register with the Busan Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office prior to visiting the lighthouse. Those who participate in the Lighthouse Experience Program (parties of 6 or less) can spend the night in the innkeeper’s room free of charge. In order to use these accommodations, visitors must apply online at the Busan Regional Maritime Affairs and Port’s homepage between the 1st and the 8th of the month, one month prior to the desired date of visit.

Geojedo Island (거제도)

Geojedo Island (거제도)

18.9 Km    73220     2020-02-25

Geoje-do, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Geojedo Island is Korea's second largest island with breathtaking scenery. From Jangpyeong-ri, simply driving over a bridge and you will be led directly to Geojedo Island, which boasts the bulk of the South Sea's tourist attractions. Haegeumgang, Mongdol Beach and Oedo Island Paradise Island are the most popular sites among them.

Haegeumgang, an island made of rocks, belongs to Hallyeo Marina National Park and is also called the Geumgang of the South Sea. It is famous for both its sunsets and sunrises, and its unique rock formations. Also, Hakdong Mongdol Beach, made of pebbles called Mongdol, has camellias and fairy pits in spring, and comes alive as a beach resort in summer. Oedo Paradise Island, which recently became a popular site, is called the ‘Paradise of Korea’ because of the 3,000 kinds of decorated trees and the Mediterranean style buildings that stand upon this 264 square km land. This island is a poplar site for filming soap dramas due to the combination of the exotic atmosphere and sea.

Geojedo Island is historically a significant place. Memorial services are held annually in memory of General Lee Sun-Shin at the Okpodaecheop (war) Memorial Park, built in memory of the battle of Okpo(1592.5.7 - 5.8). Geojedo Island also had the biggest prisoner-of-war camp during the Korean War, and the camp has been restored as a historical relics site.

Pyeonghwa Hoetjip (평화횟집)

Pyeonghwa Hoetjip (평화횟집)

19.2 Km    1739     2020-02-07

12, Seongpo-ro 3-gil, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Pyeonghwa Hoetjip is a family business that has been serving the same menu at the same location for over 50 years. The restaurant uses its homemade original soybean paste and gochujang (Korean chili paste) for flavors and live fish freshly caught from the southern sea of the Korean peninsula, known to be the most fresh and flavorful fish available within the country.

Haegeumgang Cheonyeonsong Hoe Restaurant (해금강천년송횟집)

15.2 Km    7074     2019-07-30

17, Haegeumgang 3-gil, Nambu-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Haegeumgang Cheonyeonsong Hoe Restaurant specializes in hoe (sliced raw fish) prepared with fresh, live fish caught by haenyeo (female divers). The main characteristic of this restaurant is that the customers enjoying their meal late afternoon can watch a magnificent view of the sun setting between Haegeumgang River and Sajabawi Rock.

Resort Bluemau (리조트 블루마우 거제)

15.3 Km    2127     2021-03-30

132, Haegeumgang-ro, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Resort Bluemau is located on the coastal cliffs of Geoje Island with beautiful views of the ocean all year round. All guestrooms offer seaside views, making this a popular accommodation choice. The interior of the resort is done in Spanish style for an exotic atmosphere.