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Sutgarakjeotgarak (숟가락젓가락)

Sutgarakjeotgarak (숟가락젓가락)

3740     2020-02-07

14, Gwangbok-ro 55beon-gil, Jung-gu, Busan

Sutgarakjeotgarak serves traditional home-made tofu dishes, made with soy beans grown in Korea.

Songwon Bokjib (송원복집)

Songwon Bokjib (송원복집)

3479     2020-02-07

39, Namdaemun-ro 5-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

This restaurant serves traditional Japanese-style pufferfish specialties. With almost half-century of experience in pufferfish cuisine, the owner of Songwon was trained in Teppan, Japan and remains a special member of the Japanese Pufferfish Federation. The restaurant also offers eel, sukiyaki, and sushi dishes, all made in the traditional Japanese style.

Pyeonghwa Hoetjip (평화횟집)

Pyeonghwa Hoetjip (평화횟집)

1471     2020-02-07

12, Seongpo-ro 3-gil, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Pyeonghwa Hoetjip is a family business that has been serving the same menu at the same location for over 50 years. The restaurant uses its homemade original soybean paste and gochujang (Korean chili paste) for flavors and live fish freshly caught from the southern sea of the Korean peninsula, known to be the most fresh and flavorful fish available within the country.

Great Shanghai (대상해)

Great Shanghai (대상해)

6142     2020-02-07

135, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul

Great Shanghai is a Chinese restaurant serving deliciously genuine Sichuan and Beijing-style cuisine, located within the Koreana Hotel. Their specialty is shark's fin, directly imported from Sanji, and prepared by the head chef who has over 30 years of experience. Aside from shark's fin, the healthy buldojang, mapadubu and ddanddanmyeon are also top menus. Great Shanghai is decorated with high-quality interior design, and features rooms of various sizes for groups and business dinners.

Danube (다뉴브)

Danube (다뉴브)

8556     2020-02-07

135, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul

Danube is a Western restaurant located within Koreana Hotel overlooking Seoul Plaza and Cheonggyecheon Stream. The restaurant serves a breakfast buffet, and steak and seafood dishes at dinner time. Diners can also choose from a large selection of high-quality wines and whiskeys from around the world.

BuonaSera (보나세라)

BuonaSera (보나세라)

16860     2020-02-07

18-2, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

BuonaSera is a well-being restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine, embodying the harmonization of both modern and classical cultures, fashion, art and music of Italy in one space. The restaurant was set up with the assistance of Italy's best food/restaurant/brand specialists and serves high-grade food cooked by outstanding chefs and Korea's Italian cuisine specialists. Unlike typical restaurants, BuonaSera creates a small community expressing an Italian way of life, with great food and service.

Keunjip (큰집식당)

Keunjip (큰집식당)

11503     2020-02-07

19, Junggu-ro 24beon-gil, Jung-gu, Busan

Located in Gukje Market near Gwangbok-ro Road in the heart of Busan, Keunjip restaurant is quite accessible; but it is a little difficult for first-time visitors to locate the exact entrance. The restaurant serves a vareity of jjim (steamed food) dishes and hanjeongsik (Korean table d’hote).

The most popular menu is the bulgogijjim (stewed bulgogi) served with tasty gejang (marinated crab), kimchi, nutritious toran (taro dishes), and 10 other side dishes. Another delicacy is Keunjip's haemuljjim (spicy stewed seafood), filled with shrimp, octopus, clams, and more seafood and served with kongnamul (bean sprouts).

Gomanaru Dolssambap (고마나루돌쌈밥)

Gomanaru Dolssambap (고마나루돌쌈밥)

6255     2020-02-06

5-9, Baekmigoeul-gil, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Located by the Geumgang River, Gomanaru Dolssambap is a Korean restaurant specializing in vegetable wraps and hot pot rice using over twenty varieties of hard-to-find herbs and vegetables.

Gourmet Home (고메홈)

7446     2020-02-07

26-8, Samseong-ro 75-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Gourmet Home specializes in dishes using traditional Oriental herbs. The most popular menu item is Guseonwangdogo, a soup made from the powder of rice and nine white medicial herbs. Another specialty of Gourmet Home is their maesil kimchi, which uses plum vinegar instead of jeotgal (salted seafood) and gochugaru (Korean chili pepper powder).

Badalbi (바달비)

5803     2020-02-07

17, Bongcheon-ro 12-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul

Badalbi, which means a broad field, is a restaurant that specializes in Korean table d’hote. This place offers a new menu with a variety of items such as a full-course meal with 10 kinds of dishes made from only fresh and seasonal ingredients. The chef has 15 years of experience cooking at various restaurants including Seogyo Hotel. Here you can enjoy the spirit of the artisan.

Walking On The Cloud (워킹온더클라우드)

30371     2020-02-07

50, 63-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Walking on the Cloud presents a wonderful view from atop a skyscraper, offers numerous culinary delights. The European restaurant offers delicious meals within a European garden atmosphere. The resturant also hold extra-large wine cellar with over 300 types of wine from around the world to choose from.

Sigol Makguksu (시골막국수)

8961     2020-02-07

100, Yulmun-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

Sigol Makguksu specializes in Chuncheon’s signature dish makguksu (spicy buckwheat noodles). Preserving a proud culinary tradition of over 30 years, Sigol Makguksu serves some of the area’s finest noodles as well as pyeonyuk (slices of boiled meat) and traditional tofu dishes. The restaurant is located in Sinbuk-eup past the Yeougogae Pass to the north of downtown Chuncheon.