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E-Land Cruise (bateau de croisière du fleuve Han) (한강유람선)

0m    9584     2020-04-28

343, Yeouidong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul-si

Les bateaux de croisières du fleuve Han ont commencé à naviguer le 26 octobre 1986 en traversant le centre de Séoul de l'Est vers l'Ouest.

E-Land Cruise SA veut développer le fleuve Han, une ressource naturelle qui se trouve au centre de la ville, en un complexe de parc thématique symbolisant la ville de Séoul. De plus, les bateaux de croisières sont en circulation pour transmettre un message amical et direct aux étrangers pour le développement du fleuve Han en un site touristique mondial.

Pour les Séoulites, E-Land Cruise est un endroit de relaxation urbain qui offre tranquillité, repos, joie et souvenirs.

Haslla Art World (Monde de Haslla) (하슬라아트월드)

Haslla Art World (Monde de Haslla) (하슬라아트월드)

0m    2278     2023-05-08

1441, Yulgong-ro, Gangdong-myeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

Haslla Art World tient son nom « Haslla » de la ville de Gangneung à l’époque de Silla. Se basant sur son environnement naturel, le Jardin des Arts est composé du jardin de la pinède, du hall temporel, de la zone humide, du jardin champêtre, du jardin maritime et du jardin du divertissement. Dans le jardin du divertissement, situé en bord de mer, les visiteurs peuvent discuter des oeuvres d’art exposées dans le jardin et admirer la vue imprenable sur la mer. La visite dure environ 1h30-2h30.

E-Mart (Chang-dong Branch) (이마트-창동점)

0m    120     2005-05-28

135-26, Chang 5(o)-dong , Dobong-gu, Seoul-si

A E-Mart Chang dong Branch construit sur 3 étages ( -1 au 2ième), les clients peuvent acheter ce qu’ils veulent en une seule visite.
A la station Chang-dong, vous pouvez faire un changement jusqu’à la station de Séoul ligne no.1 ou no.4.
A proximité il y a un centre de soldes, le centre de Nonghyup et la « ville des appareils discount » Sangseul.

2ième : salle de jeux pour les enfants, jouets, vêtements pour hommes, femmes, enfants, cosmétique, bijoux et appareils électroniques.

1er : papéterie , articles d’automobile, matériel d’éclairage, livres, musique, meubles, ustensiles de cuisine, bijouterie.

- 1 : alimentation (aliments généraux, poissons séchés, légumes, fruits, boulangerie, boucherie), salle de jeux pour enfants et service photo.

Space 9 (스페이스9)

Space 9 (스페이스9)

0m    247     2005-08-20

40-999, Hangangno 3 Ga, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul-si

Space 9 est le centre commercial du 21ème siècle en multimédia et en distraction. Il recouvre 270 600 mètre carré.

C’est un bâtiment de 8 étages et 2 sous-sols. Vous pouvez y aller en métro grâce aux lignes 1 et 4 mais aussi en train. Le train à grande vitesse KTX qui part à la station Yongsan.

Ici, vous trouvererez tout ce dont vous avez besoin en matière d’électronique, de produits alimentaires ou vestimentaires, de distractions avec le cinéma Multiplex CGV et le centre commercial I-Mart.

Lotte Hotel World (롯데호텔 월드)

Lotte Hotel World (롯데호텔 월드)

0m    32900     2021-12-31

240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Lotte Hotel World is located in the Jamsil area of Seoul. It is directly connected to both Lotte World, the world's largest indoor theme park, and Lotte World Mall, the largest multiplex in Asia. The nearby Seokchon Lake also creates a beautiful ambiance. The hotel is equipped with facilities to host international events and gatherings though banquet halls and meeting rooms of various sizes. The Lotte World character themed room is also available for a special experience.

Tongnamujip Saramdeul (통나무집사람들)

Tongnamujip Saramdeul (통나무집사람들)

0m    244     2016-09-05

815-18, Namgok-dong, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Tongnamujip Saramdeul is a place where you can reminisce of the past and savor the red-carpeted sky when the sun is setting.
The owner himself designed this log cabin and decorated the interior in a comfy and cozy style.
Each season, the chef offers a special dish and serves the best aromatic coffee in the region.
All staff members are friendly and sincere.
If you ever dine here, you would get to experience the true communion with the nature that surrounds the restaurant.

Fat Grandma's Place (뚱뚱이할머니집)

Fat Grandma's Place (뚱뚱이할머니집)

0m    414     2016-09-05

174-1, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul-si
+82-2-2273-5320 / 2279-2714

An elderly lady with fine wrinkles is still in charge of creating the captivating taste of jokbal (steamed pork hock). Originally, the restaurant did not have a name, but customers referred to it as the “Fat Grandma’s Place.” Sure enough, as you enter the restaurant, you will notice a plump, elderly lady with silver hair sitting at the counter. The place is well known for jokbal with an exquisite combination of rich meat and soft fat. Three or four ingredients, including ginger, are added to the simmering broth to eliminate the strong meat smell. When you order a small serving, you are served radish “water” kimchi as well as two small bindaetteok free. You can order additional bindaetteok too, three for 5,000 won. When you order a large serving, you are served four free bindaetteok. Many customers order jaengbanguksu (spicy buckwheat noodles), which goes perfectly with jokbal.

Namwon House (Namwonjip) (남원집)

Namwon House (Namwonjip) (남원집)

0m    584     2016-09-05

1640-31, Sillimbon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul-si

Namwon House is located on the 3rd floor of Wonjo Minsok Sundae Town. Namwon is the hometown of the original owner who started Namwon House for the first time, which is now operated by his relative. Namwon House’s specialty is its fried Sundae cooked with various vegetables, Pyogo mushrooms, and squid. The scent of Pyogo mushrooms gives off a wonderful aroma. By putting enough perilla seed powder towards the end of cooking, the savory taste of fried Sundae increases. Before eating, a wet towel is served to wash your hands is a nice gesture by the bar.

Hwanggeumteo Sutbul Garden (황금터숯불촌)

0m    217     2010-06-10

351-6, Kwaebin-1ri, Goryeong-eup, Goryeong-gun, Gyeongsanbuk-do

At an accessible location in Goryeong, an old capital city of the Gaya Kingdom,
Hwanggeumteo Sutbul Garden with its spacey parking lot is the best spot to stop by and relax after touring the ruins of the Gaya Kingdom.
You can savor some quality meat provided at Hwanggeumteo Sutbul Garden where the wooden architecture with big and tall windows will create an awesome atmosphere to dine.
It is a cozy family operated restaurant where you must stop by.

Geumho Garden (금호가든)

0m    861     2021-08-07

259-4, Gangjeong-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Located in front of 2002 World Cup Stadium, with an unique three-story architecture, Geumho Garden offers a great dining experience.
The readiness with a large parking space and warmth of the neatly dressed staff is remarkable.
Geumho Garden features a clean kitchen and a great selection of authentic Korean cuisine.
Try their wild green salad tossed with Jeju-do’s unique soybean paste.
The trilingual owner speaks English and Japanese as well as Korean.
Tender ‘galbi’ (grilled ribs), a local dish called ‘heuk dwaeji’ (native pigs to Jejudo Island), and the special sauce made of 5 different fruits are the best dishes of this restaurant.
The friendly staff is also quite impressive.