Geogujang (거구장)


Located in the Bomun Complex, the twenty-year old Geogujang serves quality Korean cuisine at a very reasonable price.
Along with the experienced kitchen staff, the multi-lingual service staff will enhance your dining experience in Korea.
Try their ‘Saeng Galbi’ (unseasoned grilled ribs) at an affordable price of 10,000 won or 15,000 won.
Geogujang is also well-known for their ‘Ssuk Guksu Jeongol’ (casserole made with mugwort noodles) and ‘Dotorimuk’ (starched acorn jelly).
Interestingly enough, you can ask for free nature-friendly soaps when you ever stop by.
They produce these soaps with used oils at the kitchen. A favorite spot for many Japanese tourists.

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Menú Representante : Wang Galbi (Grilled Ribs)


Sinpyeong-dong 220, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsanbuk-do. 경상북도 경주시 신평동 220