Yet Gohyangchon (옛고향촌)


Yet Gohyangchon has been operated by the same family for 26 years and has become a landmark among many foreign travelers who visit the nearby folk village.
You can enjoy devouring a generous amount of Suwon galbi (grilled ribs) at reasonable prices or taste seasonal dishes like dolsot bibimbap (rice and vegetables in a stone pot), and favorite for summertime, Pyeongyang naengmyeon (North Korean style cold noodles).

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Menú Representante : Saenggalbi (unseasoned grilled ribs)


Galcheolro7(chil)beon-gil 63-4, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. 경기도 용인시 기흥구 갈천로7번길 63-4