Dadohae Gwangwang Hoe Center (다도해 관광회센타)


Located at the beach of Sebang Maeul Village of Jindo-gun, Dadohae Gwangwang Hoe Center offers not only great food but also a breathtaking view of the south coast and the stunning view of the sun setting.
Dadohae serves only the freshest fish, and their sweet and sour seaweed salad is quite famous.
Especially in the spring and fall, you may even get to taste ‘sebang jeonoe gui’, an authentic regional dish of grilled gizzard shad.
Also, the restaurant provides a fishing gear and home-stay.

¿Cómo funciona?

Menú Representante : Hwaloe (Live Fish served as Sliced Raw Fish 1kg)


Sebangnakjo-ro 277, Jisan-myeon, Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do. 전라남도 진도군 지산면 세방낙조로 277