Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art (경인미술관)

  • Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art (경인미술관)
  • Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art (경인미술관)
  • Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art (경인미술관)
  • Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art (경인미술관)
  • Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art (경인미술관)


Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art is located at the center of Insa-dong, Seoul. Insa-dong is famous as a traditional cultural street. Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art is a cultural ground for artists and is also a tourist attraction. It is divided into three gallery halls, an outdoor gallery hall, an outdoor stage where many events take place, a screen, and finally a traditional teahouse. People love this place because it is where artists can meet and exhibit their art pieces, and where tradition and modern culture intermingle. The first gallery of Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art is composed of two floors. It is the largest gallery hall in Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art. The pleasant and spacious gallery hall is quite striking; it excellently accomplishes all kinds of exhibitions. The second gallery hall can be divided into three floors, a greenhouse, and a terrace. First of all, this gallery hall is made entirely of glass. Natural sunlight warms up the room. It is a place where the artificial steel frames and the naturalness of the indoor trees create an exquisite harmony. The plane artistry and cubic artistry are exhibited to their fullest effect here. The third art gallery hall is in the form of a Korean house, which looks great together with the outside garden. It is a place that incorporates the beauty of a traditional Korean house. If you are interested in traditional Korean houses, you should visit this gallery. It is especially famous for its crafts, paintings, and Korean-style art. Apart from all these there is an art and craft shop. At the art and craft shop you can buy and view the art pieces and props of many talented artists, including wood printing and paintings. It is beloved by many due to the fact that here you can experience the lives of currently active artists. At Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art there are two places where you can enjoy refreshments. One place is the ‘teahouse.' At the teahouse you can feel the aroma of the four seasons breathing with you. The delicacies of the shop are the diverse herbal teas and the natural fruit ice cream. If you treat yourself to the natural fruit ice cream along with the aroma of the herbal tea, surely all your fatigue will melt away. If you want to try a different traditional tea place, you should visit 'Dawon.' The sublime sound of the hanging-bell at the roof’s edge and the beauty of a traditional Korean-style house will make you feel like you are in a Korean temple. At ‘Dawon’ there are 15 different kinds of traditional Korean tea. And since one can enjoy the sculptures of the garden while drinking, it is widely visited both by Koreans and foreigners alike.



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11-4, Insadong 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul