Okcheon Hyangsu Baengni (100-ri) Bike Road - Geumgang Course (옥천 향수 100리 자전거길 - 금강코스)

  • Okcheon Hyangsu Baengni (100-ri) Bike Road - Geumgang Course (옥천 향수 100리 자전거길 - 금강코스)


Okcheon Hyangsu Baengni (100-ri) Bike Road is a bicycle path located along the riverside of Geumgang River, where one can enjoy the beauty of Daecheongho Lake and the spirit of poetry in the hometown of Jeong Jiyong, one of Korea's modern poets. Visitors can also stop at Jeong Jiyong Birth House & Literature Library and Janggye Tourist Park by biking along National Highway Route 37, which is famous for cherry blossoms. This bicycle path is relatively easy to travel on and is suitable for beginners. It became even more popular after being featured on the TV show "1 Night 2 Days."





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Tourism Course
[Hyangsu Baengni (100-ri) Bike Course (Geumgang Course)]
Distance: 50.6 km
Duration: Approx. 3 hr 30 min
Route: Jeong Jiyong Birth House - Janggye Tourist Park - Gyeongyuldang Hall - Hapgeum-ro 2-gil Paved Road End - Geumgang Resort - Anteoseosa Park - Jeong Jiyong Birth House

Reference Notes
* Notice
- Mountain bike is required for this course (general bikes prohibited)
- No bike rental stations are available in Okcheon-gun. Please have a bike ready in advance.
- Course follows a famous driving course; use caution to avoid accidents.
- Inquiries: +82-43-730-3413


Okcheon-eup, Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do