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“Ttosuni Sundae” first started as a small street stand in 1976, which became the biggest Sundae bar around Sundae Town. Many people visit Ttosuni Sundae because it has been introduced several times through various kinds of mass media. White Sundae is the most popular dish. The delicate taste of its fried Sundae with various vegetables is famous. “Sundaetguk” as well as fried Sundae is frequently enjoyed, especially in cold winter. The dining area is large enough for group gathering, but unfortunately the servings is somewhat small compared to other bars.

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Ttosuni Sundae 02-884-7565

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www.ddosuni.co.kr (Korean only)

Как это работает

Представитель меню : Sundae (noodle and blood sausage)

Торжественное день : February on 1976

Часов : 24 hours

Парковка : Parking lot beside of store, available for 30 minutes / 30 cars acceptable

Политика бронирования : available

Выходной день : Open all year round

Шкала : First floor on ground / 50 tables

Количество мест : 220

Меню обработки : White Sundae 6,000 won Spicy Sundae 6,000 won Sundaetguk (Soup) 5,000 won

Подробная информация

Facilities for the Handicapped

Located in store / Separated male&female


Bongcheon6-dong Gwanak-gu Seoul First floor of 1690-154 KKachi building