• Pyeongando Obuja


Hand-made mandu (dumplings) casserole and Korean royal casserole look very tempting with big Pyeongyang style mandu made in traditional style. This restaurant has been here for 50 years and run by three different generations of a big family of Pyeongan-do. Pyeongan-do Obuja is the ideal place to bring a special guest.

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Как это работает

Представитель меню : Delicacies of Pyeongyang, jeongol(beef and vegetables hot pot)

Часов : 12:00 ~ 22:00/Delivery Service Hours: 11:30 ~ 21:00

Парковка : Up to 20 Cars

Политика бронирования : Open to Reservations

Выходной день : Open all year round (closed during Lunar New Year and Chuseok Holidays)

Количество мест : 120 seats (rooms available in a large garden area)

Меню обработки : Pyeongyangsik onmyeon (warm buckwheat noodles)-5,500 won Pyeongyangsik mandu(Pyeongyang style dumplings)-5,000 won Pyeongyang-naengmyeon(Pyeongyang style buckwheat noodles)-6,000 won


Seoul Gangdong-gu Myeongil-dong 47-16