• Sinanchon (신안촌)


The special characteristic of this place is that fresh skate fish and small octopi are directly delivered from Mokpo. Especially, long-stored kimchi is a rare dish that you cannot experience easily as it is stored in a cavern in Naju. The side dishes such as seasoned various vegetables and soybean paste stew during the winter are very popular.

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Представитель меню : masaengiguk (seaweed fulvescens- soup)

Часов : 11:30 ~ 14:00 / 17:30 ~ 22:00

Парковка : Parking Not Available

Политика бронирования : Open to Reservations

Выходной день : Every Sunday

Количество мест : 85 Seats

Меню обработки : masaengigukㅡ (seaweed fulvescens soup), hongeohoe(raw skate)


Seoul Jongno-gu Naeja-dong 152