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Gyeongju Tomb of Kim Yu-sin (경주 김유신묘)

Gyeongju Tomb of Kim Yu-sin (경주 김유신묘)

30138     2022-08-12

44-7, Chunghyo 2-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

The tomb of General Kim Yu-sin (595-673) is located near the Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal at the end of a scenic lane, popular in spring for its walls of yellow forsythia and pink cherry blossom trees in bloom. The tomb itself is located in a scenic area thick with pine trees, on the eastern side of Songhwasan Mountain. The tomb of General Kim Yu-sin is a large tomb measuring roughly 30 meters in diameter, circled by a stone fence with 24 guard posts. The tomb base wall features relief carvings of the 12 Oriental zodiac gods standing guard over the tomb, brandishing weapons. The carvings are unique in that while their bodies face outwards, the heads are all turned to the right. The elaborately decorated tomb is second in grandeur only to those of royalty.

Jangyu Daecheonggyegok Valley (장유대청계곡)

Jangyu Daecheonggyegok Valley (장유대청계곡)

41407     2022-08-12

Wolsan-ro, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

The 6-kilometer-long Jangyu Daecheonggyegok Valley is located at the foot of Bulmosan Mountain, where the water flowing into the valley divides into two principal streams. Lush trees and clean water make up the area’s beautiful natural landscape. A 30-minute hike along the valley will take hikers to Jangyuam Hermitage where they will find the stupa of Jangyuhwasang, who is said to have spread Buddhism for the first time in Korea.

Visitors flock to Jangyu Daecheonggyegok Valley not only to enjoy the scenery, but also to taste the delicious duck, chicken, and baeksuk (chicken soup with rice) dishes sold around the area. In 1984, the valley was integrated into Jangyupokpo Recreational Park where bridges were built and water supply facilities were placed at two locations. Sangjeolgyo Bridge at the entrance to the valley is 30 meters, while Bonpogyo Bridge is 4 meters. A 1,720 meter-long forest trail was also created. The rugged mountain terrain offers a challenging, yet highly interesting climb up the mountain.

Ilchulland (일출랜드)

Ilchulland (일출랜드)

50976     2022-08-12

4150-30, Jungsangandong-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Ilchulland centered around Micheongul Cave is located in the eastern region on Jeju Island. The attraction provide important resources for academy, tourism and culture as well as store and distribute fresh air, water, green fields and oreum. The undeground area takes human back to the beginning with various chemical elements. Visitors will be able to experience relaxation and refreshing nature not available in the city. 

Ttangttang Land [땅땅랜드(대구 봉무동)]

Ttangttang Land [땅땅랜드(대구 봉무동)]

1385     2022-08-12

220-2, Palgong-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu

Ttangttang Land opened its doors on September 1, 2018 in Daegu, the center of Chimak (chicken and beer). At Korea's first chicken theme park, visitors can enjoy seeing, making, and tasting different types of chicken. With many popular attractions nearby, Ttangttang Land is where the fun starts.

Suncheon Heungryunsa Temple (흥륜사 (순천))

Suncheon Heungryunsa Temple (흥륜사 (순천))

9953     2022-08-12

102, Jangdae-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do

Heungryunsa Temple is a missionary center of the Hwaeomsa Temple. Located in Jukdobong Park (downtown Suncheon), the site was previously used as an archery range.

Heungryunsa Temple is a branch of Hwaeomsa Temple, which is the 19th local temple of Jogye Order. It is said that Heungryunsa Temple was constructed during the reign of King Seonjo of the Joseon dynasty and that the site was used as a place where naval forces practiced archery during the Imjin War in 1592. At the same time, the temple was the first military base of monk-turned-military officers from Hwaeomsa, Songgwangsa, and Seonamsa Temples.

The current building was reconstructed in 1986 by Monk Jongwon, who is still the chief abbot of the temple.

Solomon Law Park (솔로몬 로파크)

Solomon Law Park (솔로몬 로파크)

14897     2022-08-11

219-39, Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon

Solomon Law Park is a theme park for justice education inspired by King Solomon, who realized ultimate justice in society through fair trial and judgment. The theme park offers a valued opportunity to develop oneself as a rightful citizen of a reliable democracy by experiencing the liberty, wisdom, and justice of a society governed by law. Created and maintained by the Korean Ministry of Justice, Solomon Law Park is a venue that provides an easy and fun learning experience regarding the laws and legal system of the nation for youth and adult citizens.

The Legal Center offers a chance to become more familiar with the legal system of Korea and overall global legal history with a wide variety of hands-on programs such as a legislation class, scientific investigation class, mock courtroom & trial, and simulated prisons. For preschoolers, there is the Children's Law Village where they learn and experience laws in simpler terms. Also, diverse law experience and training facilities in the theme park offer various justice educational programs.

Miryang Pyochungsa Temple (표충사 (밀양))

Miryang Pyochungsa Temple (표충사 (밀양))

10511     2022-08-11

1338, Pyochung-ro, Miryang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Pyochungsa Temple is located at the base of Jaeyaksan Mountain, 20 kilometers east of Miryang. The temple was originally founded by Monk Wonhyo in the 1st year of King Muyeol in Silla period under the name Junnimgsa Temple, then expanded and renamed by a monk from India in the fourth year of King Heungdeok’s reign of the Silla period. Nearby attractions include Cheungcheungpokpo Falls, Geumgangpokpo Falls, and Eoreumgol Ice Valley, as well as Sajapyeong Plain at the ridge of the mountain.

Sanjicheon Stream (산지천)

Sanjicheon Stream (산지천)

12927     2022-08-11

Geonip-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Running across from Dongmun Market in Jeju City, Sanjicheon Stream is home to a rich array of freshwater fish (e.g. sweetfish, gray mullets, Amur goby, and carps). In summer, it attracts hundreds of thousands of anglers as well as children.

The port, downstream from Sanjicheon Stream, is renowned for picturesque views of fishing boats, egrets, and seagulls. A restored Chinese sailing vessel is exhibited at the end of the stream for visitors. Along the stream are walking paths, a park, and music fountains, in which Sanjicheon Art Festival and a slew of cultural events and performances are held every summer and winter, attracting many visitors.

Jeongdong Observatory (정동전망대)

17124     2022-08-11

15, Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Jeongdong Observatory is located on the 13th floor of Seoul City Hall Seosomun building. The observatory has a cafe inside where visitors can enjoy a drink while gazing upon the magnificent view of Deoksugung Palace from above. In addition, the walls of the cafe are decorated with photos of old Jeongdong.

Seonyudonggyegok Valley (Sancheong Section) (선유동계곡(산청))

Seonyudonggyegok Valley (Sancheong Section) (선유동계곡(산청))

9348     2022-08-10

Suwol-ro, Sancheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Seonyudong means the place where fairies come down from heaven to play. It has been said that fairies would often come down to the valley to make liquor and store them in flagons. There are some leftover depressions in the boulders which demonstrate there may be some truth to the legend.

Near Seonyudonggyegok Valley, they say that the bamboos and pine trees stay green all year long and wood nymphs fly down to play with each other under the Suwolpokpo Falls in Suwol Village.

Sinyang Seopji Beach (신양 섭지해수욕장)

Sinyang Seopji Beach (신양 섭지해수욕장)

34156     2022-08-10

107, Seopjikoji-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Sinyang Seopji Beach is not yet a popular tourist attraction, leaving the fine-grained, sandy beach relatively untouched. Thanks to its quiet atmosphere, the beach gives visitors a calmer, more secluded beach experience than some of the larger beaches on Jeju.

The 80-meter-wide, crescent-shaped beach stretches for a total length of 300 meters. Bordered by waters that are only an average of one meter deep, the beach gently slopes at a five degree angle. Known for its small waves, the beach is the perfect spot for children.

Windsurfing is available nearby and popular tourist attractions such as Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone and Seopjikoji are located in the area.

Geoje Botanic Garden (거제식물원(거제정글돔))

0     2022-08-10

3595 , Geojenamseo-ro, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Geoje Botanical Garden (Geoje Jungle Dome) is the largest botanical garden in Korea, covering an area of ​​4468 square meters, a maximum x_height of 30 meters, and covered with 7472 sheets of glass. There are 10,000 kinds of tropical trees of 300 species inside the dome, and there are various attractions such as Seokbujak Flower Garden, Seokbujak Valley, Photo Zone, Cactus Garden, Black Pansoo, and Cave of Light. Geoje Jungle Dome contributes to improving the quality of life in green and abundance through various plants and ecological experiences throughout the four seasons and contributes to the realization of the educational and cultural value of green plants through plant culture experience. In addition, we are conserving biodiversity and making efforts to maintain and preserve the ecosystem through research and collection. It is a place loved by many citizens as a mysterious and fantastic space.