• Muju Resort, Family Hotel
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel
  • Muju Resort, Family Hotel

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Вечерняя, без стажа : 15:00

Время выезда : 11:00

Еда и напитки : * Tirol Hotel - Western Restaurant, Korean Restaurant, Buffet * Resort Restaurants - Korean Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Fast Food, Bakery, Udon Restaurant

Запросы и информация : Seoul Office 02-3442-2055, fax 02-756-5035

Парковка : 10,000 Car Parking Lot

Кол-во комнат : 940

Политика бронирования : 063-322-9000

Тип номера : 118 Tirol Hotel Rooms, 950 Family Hotel Rooms, 418 Kookmin Hotel * Tirol Hotel Tirol Hotel is famous for its unique Austrian atmosphere created by its authenticAustrian architecture, superb interior, and has often been referred to as the "Little Alps".Muju Resort's natural environment creates an adventurous and luxurious holiday for its guests.* Family HotelThe name of each complex represents Korean names for local flowers and trees that add intimacy and familiarity to your stay. The interiors of Sol Village and Ggot Village complexes are each designed with nature harmonizingwith the atmosphere of the Alps.

Шкала : 4th Floor to 1st Floor Basement

Услуги (Другое) : Ski Slopes, Outdoor Hot Springs Sauna, Nature Land (amusement rides), Golf Course, Gondola Tour, Water Sleigh, Viking, Treasure Hunting Course, Mini Golf, Hubang Ride, Telescope, Horse Riding, Carriage, Bicycles, Tennis, Orienteering, Survival Game, Iron Man Competition, Camp Fire


Jeollabuk-do, Muju-gun, Seolcheon-myeon, Simgok-ri, San 43-15