Sangbiwon[Korea Quality] / 생비원[한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]

  • Sangbiwon[Korea Quality] / 생비원[한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]
  • Sangbiwon[Korea Quality] / 생비원[한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]
  • Sangbiwon[Korea Quality] / 생비원[한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]


Saengbiwon is a traditional hanok pension located 400 m above sea level on Gayasan Mountain, Goryeong, North Gyeongsang Province. Its picturesque front garden, full of clay pots and wildflowers, and the dried persimmon hanging on the porch come fall give the pension a comfortable, idyllic atmosphere. Clear water from the Sangbiri Valley flow near the pension and a footpath along the reservoir offer great opportunities to enjoy the nature of Gayasan Mountain. Opening the window brings one face-to-face with the four seasons of the mountain, while the pavilion in the garden emanates a cool, slow-paced enjoyment of nature. All water used in the pension is drawn from a natural mineral spring 150 m below the land, giving the water a crisp and refreshing taste.
The seven rooms of the pension, including the Dongbaek, Maehwa, Mongnyeon, Moran, and Hwangtobang are furnished with red clay and Cheongsong hanji (Korean traditional paper) interior, giving them a characteristic hanok look. Wooden wardrobes and thick cotton quilts bring in mind the image of a grandmother’s warm house. Two of the rooms are heated with traditional gudeul floor heating, which is a blessing in the biting heat of winter. All rooms have access to Wi-Fi, equipped with modern bathrooms, electric kettle, pressure rice cooker, and simple cooking utensils. Only the Hwangtobang room allows cooking within the room, and guests in other rooms must use the communal kitchen and barbeque areas. There is also an annex, which hosts exclusively group visitors and can be used as a seminar room and a training site. .
Saengbiwon’s other pride is the traditional sauces, made in house for four generations. Visitors can reserve an elegant Korean breakfast, served in brass tableware, made with Saengbiwon’s handmade sauce from Korean soybeans. Saengbiwon also offers programs like sauce-making, Korean malt candy-making, tofu-making, Korean sweets-making, and tea ceremony.


BAE Gyeong-hee +82-10-6732-4578, +82-54-954-1528

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Número de plazas : 80

Tiempo de entrada : 14:00

Hora de salida : 11:00

Catering Sala : Available (only for Hwangtobang rooms 1 and 2)

La comida y bebida : Available

Consultas e Información : +82-10-6732-4578

Aparcamientos : Available

El servicio de recogida : Available (in front of Deokgok-myeon Office)

Número de habitaciones : 7

Política de Reservas : +82-10-6732-4578

Página de inicio Reservas :

Escala : 8,264.5㎡

Instalaciones (Otros) : Communal kitchen, communal restroom, experience hall (may be used as a seminar hall), games (yutnori, jegi, baduk, badminton)


28, Nori 2-gil, Deokgok-myeon, Goryeong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do