Baguni Hostel is a beautiful architecture with stylish design and interior that are pleasing to the eye. Each of the furniture and decor is carefully selected by an interior designer. Created by a florist, the garden is in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. This environment-friendly structure ranked high in the Japanese comprehensive evaluation and commendation system “Good Design Award 2017.” Suncheonman Bay and Suncheonman National Bay Garden are approximately a 15-minute ride from the hostel, which is one of the reasons majority of the guests who frequent the hostel are in their twenties and thirties. Upon check-in, guests are given special coins that can be used to avail themselves of various rental services, pay for breakfast, toiletries, coffee, and draft beer, and rent a bicycle.


Yang Jae-hyeok

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4, Yeokjeon 2-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do