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Intercontinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort (인터컨티넨탈 알펜시아 평창 리조트)

Intercontinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort (인터컨티넨탈 알펜시아 평창 리조트)

1422     2020-06-04

325, Solbong-ro, Daegwannyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

Intercontinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort is a luxurious classical European-style alpine resort located 700 meters above sea level on a ridge of Taebaeksan Mountain. Surrounded by fascinating nature, the resort offers various leisure facilities such as Olympic Sky Park, Ocean 700 Water Park, a 27-hole golf course designed by the world-renowned golf course designer Robert Trent Jones, Jr., and an 18-hole public golf course.

The summer house also provides relaxation facilities including the luxurious Club Intercontinental Lounge, a children’s play room called ‘Planet Trackers’, and a day spa. A wellness center provides guests seeking relaxation with various therapies and programs. The luxurious CMA spa club offers seven spa suite rooms and an open-air Jacuzzi providing eco-nature therapy with great views of Daegwallyeong.

Guestrooms are decorated with a harmonious blend of modern, bright-colored furniture and traditional Korean-style furniture. Specially designed lighting adds a pleasant touch to the rooms.

Subsidiary facilities are a restaurant, wine bar/salon, and a lobby lounge. The restaurant, called Flavor, serves international dishes, while the wine bar serves quality wines. In the lobby lounge, guests can enjoy views of beautiful nature through floor-to-ceiling windows while listening to live classical music performances and sharing light fare such as sandwiches, pizza, tapas, wine, and coffee.

Muchangpo Beache Palace (무창포 비체팰리스)

Muchangpo Beache Palace (무창포 비체팰리스)

78     2020-06-04

78, Yeollinbada 1-gil, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Muchangpo Beache Palace is a resort in Muchangpo, one of the most peaceful beachside areas on the west coast (yet to be discovered by many tourists). The resort has themed pools and a spa. Each of the rooms has an ocean view and the entrance of the resort is connected to the beach. During the summer tides, you’ll be able to witness the area’s almost miraculous sea-parting.

Firenze Hotel (피렌체호텔)

Firenze Hotel (피렌체호텔)

358     2020-06-04

5-8, Sangmujungang-ro 38beon-gil, Seo-gu, Gwangju

Located in downtown Gwangju, Firenze Hotel is a quality hotel with state-of-the-art facilities and a tasteful European interior decor emphasizing "smooth and modern design." The hotel also has a banquet room perfect for important meeting between friends, family, or business colleagues.

Shin Yang Park Hotel (신양파크호텔)

Shin Yang Park Hotel (신양파크호텔)

721     2020-06-04

214-7, Jiho-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju

Situated in Mudeung Mountain, Shin Yang Park Hotel is a destination recommended for those who wish to get away from the city and relax among beautiful natural surroundings. Guests can enjoy a panoramic view of Gwangju City from the hotel and explore Mudeung Mountain by following the hiking trail next to the hotel. Located close to the Hanam Highway and the 2nd beltway, the hotel offers easy access (20-30 minutes driving distance) to some of the primary locations of Gwangju City (airport, express terminal, convention center, and Gwangju Biennale).

Shin Yang Park Hotel has 87 guestrooms: 50 Western-style rooms, 24 Korean-style rooms, and 13 simple but beautiful suites. On the 6th floor guests will find a Chinese restaurant and bar where they can enjoy a clear view of Gwangju.

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the hotel offers a buffet, which has become so popular that there is always a long line each time it opens. Other amenities include a banquet hall equipped with the latest lighting and audio equipment, beam projectors, and moving lights, making it a perfect place for guests to hold special events.

Of particular note among the hotel facilities is its fitness center, the only membership fitness center in Gwangju. The fitness center boasts free aerobic, yoga, and swimming classes for members and state-of-the-art fitness facilities like a 5-lane swimming pool and a sauna. Health club members can also receive a 50% discount when using the golf driving course and enjoy discounts on hotel room rates and meals.

Holiday Inn Resort, Alpensia Pyeongchang (홀리데이인 알펜시아 평창 리조트)

Holiday Inn Resort, Alpensia Pyeongchang (홀리데이인 알펜시아 평창 리조트)

1249     2020-06-01

325, Solbong-ro, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

Situated in Alpensia Peyongchang Resort in Daegwallyeong, Gangwon-do, the Holiday Inn Resort is a four-star, deluxe hotel with 214 rooms in the main building alone.

In addition to the main building, the hotel has a separate building where every room is equipped with high-end spa facilities, realizing the dream of a ‘combination hotel and spa.’ This annex is also connected to a conference center (Korea’s largest business facility), which comes equipped with a large banquet room, an audio system allowing for the simultaneous translation of up to 8 different languages, an auditorium, and 13 meeting rooms.

One of the major draws of the resort is the Alpensia Spa. Highly trained therapists at the luxury spa provide world-class spa treatments and massage programs including special programs such as ‘couple’s spa,’ ‘golf spa,’ and ‘spa for expectant mothers.’ Treatments are carried out in an elegant, sunlit room that mimics the ambience of an outdoor spa experience.

Holiday Inn and Suites, Alpensia Pyeongchang (홀리데이인 알펜시아 평창 스위트)

Holiday Inn and Suites, Alpensia Pyeongchang (홀리데이인 알펜시아 평창 스위트)

1234     2020-05-29

325, Solbong-ro, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

Holiday Inn and Suites is a resort within Pyeongchang's ski paradise, the Alpensia Resort Village. Outstanding leisure facilities, cozy rooms, and attractive rates make it a top choice for family vacations, business workshops, group visits, and product presentations.

Hanyang Univ. Guesthouse ERICA (한양대학교 게스트하우스)

Hanyang Univ. Guesthouse ERICA (한양대학교 게스트하우스)

78     2020-05-29

55, Hanyangdaehak-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Guest House ERICA of Hanyang Univ., Ansan, Gyeonggi-do is located in Education-Research-Industry Cluster Zone inside Hanyang Univ., Ansan Campus. It offers various subsidiary facilities for seminar as well as lodging facility. Unlike other guest houses, ERICA offers luxury interior and facility, and moreover, differentiated design of each room catch your eyes. Room types include standard, deluxe, and suite and you can choose options such as double, twin or ondol. All rooms have high speed optical cable Internet, and the central heating system and individually adjustable air conditioner offers pleasant environment. In addition, computer and car rental service is available for efficient business operation as well as laundry service. As for subsidiary facility, there are sky lounge, conference hall, restaurant, convention hall and banquet hall.

The Ocean Resort  (디오션리조트)

The Ocean Resort (디오션리조트)

522     2020-05-29

295, Soho-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do

The Ocean Resort is located in Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, perfect for tourism. With two national parks nearby and all rooms facing the ocean, visitors can relax and enjoy the view. Hotel amenities include a golf course, water park, sauna, and other leisure facilities, available all year long.

Ramada Plaza Suwon (라마다프라자 수원호텔)

Ramada Plaza Suwon (라마다프라자 수원호텔)

323     2020-05-28

150, Jungbu-daero, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do

True to its name, the hotel is clothed in excellence, exhibiting the kind of quality standard befitting the renowned Ramada name and the global reputation of the Wyndham Group.

Each guestroom at the hotel emanates elegance and luxury while conveying a feeling of warmth and comfort as sunbeams come in through the windows. For VIP guests there’s even an ‘Executive Lounge’ and all guests are welcome to enjoy the sauna and fitness center.

Among the hotel’s major facilities are its four upscale restaurants: an Italian restaurant with great wines, a Chinese restaurant, a buffet restaurant, and an outdoor terrace, perfect for themed parties. For larger gatherings like conferences, seminars, or meetings, book one of the four banquet halls.

STX Resort (STX리조트)

STX Resort (STX리조트)

949     2020-05-27

509, Cheonghwa-ro, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

STX Resort located near Ssangyonggyegok Valley in Mungyeong. The resort is well suited to guests looking to visit nearby attractions such as Songnisan National Park, Cheonghwasan, Yeonyeopsan, and Dojangsan Mountains, or simply looking to relax in nature. The resort is designed with a luxurious European style and features a variety of amenities, including a hot spring spa, live performance cafe, and both Korean and Western dining options.

Hotel Elin [Korea Quality] / 엘린호텔 [한국관광 품질인증]

1     2020-05-26

4, Eunnam 1-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Hotel Elin offers a comfortable stay for your trip to the fantastic Jeju Island. Despite the rather small size of 32 rooms in total, the accommodation is close to the Jeju International Airport and a variety of facilities. Jeju Provincial Hall, Jeju Provincial Council, Halla Hospital, and Halla Arboretum are nearby. The hotel is equipped with electric wheelchair lift and rents manual wheelchairs. Hotel Elin is a vocational rehabilitation facility for the severely disabled designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and a social enterprise. The disabled are being employed for room cleaning, cooking assistance, and room booking. Profits from the operation of the hotel are used for job creation and welfare for the disabled. As for rooms, there are four types: Standard Double, Superior Twin, Deluxe Twin, and Family Suite. Each room boasts of wooden interior design; the wooden bed, table, wardrobe, vanity, etc. all create a classic atmosphere. Every room is furnished with a bed, and the wooden floor is heated (Ondol) in winter. Family Suite is equipped with a whirlpool bathtub.

Haemaru Healing Forest [Korea Quality] / 해마루 힐링숲 [한국관광 품질인증]

0     2020-05-25

108-35, Donghae-gil Bukpyeong-myeon, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do

'Haemaru Healing Forest is a guesthouse situated at the foot of Duryunsan Mountain, Haenam in front of Wondo Beach and surrounded by a cypress grove. The mountain, cypress grove, and beach are all visible from the main floored hall room. For this reason, many of the guests who stayed here say that the picturesque view seems to change day by day. The town where the guesthouse is located is specially designed as a 'hanok village,' consisting mostly of traditional Korean houses of Jeollanam-do. It is also widely known as 'Haenam Kimchi Village' because of their famous cabbages, which are grown in the natural environment and are used to make kimchi. Specifically, there are three villages in this area: 'Green Experience Village,' 'Farm Stay Village,' and 'Resort Village.' There is a public swimming pool in the area managed by the villagers and is very popular among visitors, with ticket sales reaching KRW 100,000,000 a year. One of the advantages of staying at this guesthouse is that it’s within a one-hour ride to a number of popular nature destinations such as Wando Cheongsando Island, Gangjin Dasan Chodang, Jangheung Cheongwansan Mountain, Woodland, and Yeongam Wolchunsan Mountain. Haenam is known as one of the best regions of Korea for enjoying the famous Jeolla-do cuisine, so visitors to Haenam are advised to try the local food. The villagers built these traditional Korean guesthouses so that their visitors can have a day of relaxation in nature, away from their hectic city life. With this mind, they used natural pinewood and red clay from Gangwon-do to build authentic traditional Korean houses and utilized traditional Korean tiles from Goryeong. The name 'Haemaru Healing Forest' was given by the owner of the guesthouse, with the subtitle 'A place where you can tell your story.' The guesthouse buildings are in 'ㄱ' shape. The main building, called 'anchae' in Korean, has floor area of 72m², which is big enough for up to 25 people. There are two rooms, a large living room, and a kitchen in this building. The rooms are furnished with sofa, television, air conditioner, refrigerator, and table just like an ordinary home so that guests can feel at home during their stay. The 'bakkatchae,' or 'detached house,' is a single room with capacity of 6 and is furnished with air conditioner and bathroom. The guesthouse is owned by a couple who still work in Seoul and need to travel back and forth between Seoul and Haenam frequently. They're both nature lovers, so their most favorite place in the house is the kitchen garden where they cultivate their own organic lettuce, perilla leaves, and chili peppers. The kitchen garden is open to guests who want to try the homegrown organic vegetables. Various experience programs are offered here as well, such as yunnori, dadeumi, jwibulnori, and kimchi making. Jwibulnori is a traditional Korean game played on the eve of Daeboreum or First Full Moon Day, where people burn dry grass on the ridges of rice paddies and fields and others spin cans of flames attached to the end of a stick or a sling. For safety reasons, this game is played with the consent and participation of the villagers, so be sure to ask the owner of the guesthouse when the game is played. It’s free for groups of more than 10 people. As for the kimchi-making class, it is offered by the guesthouse owner's younger brother and sister-in-law who live and run a kimchi factory in the village. They will teach you how to make kimchi, step-by-step, start to end. The kimchi-making class is a paid program, so be sure to ask the guesthouse owner how much and when the class is held.