AR Surf (에이알서프)

  • AR Surf (에이알서프)
  • AR Surf (에이알서프)
  • AR Surf (에이알서프)
  • AR Surf (에이알서프)
  • AR Surf (에이알서프)
  • AR Surf (에이알서프)


AR Surf is an surf center located at the midpoint of Mallip Beach for anyone interested in surfing. Thanks to the gentle and pleasant waves, Mallipo Beach has gained much attention among surfers as a surfing beach. AR Surf has certified professionals who offer surfing lessons at an affordable rate. It also has an exquisite surf shop, a spacious parking lot, a snack bar, and a resting spot, providing everything a surfer needs to hit the waters. They also offer a experience package, which includes a lesson session, an equipment rental kit and free activity time for enjoying surfing.

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Contact and Information : +82-10-9667-0132

Parking Fees : Free

Parking facilities : Available

Hours : 06:00-22:00

More information

Rental Fees
Surf experience package (lesson + equipment rental): 50,000 won
Paddle board: 30,000 won
Rental package (surfboard + bodysuit + shower): 30,000 won
Surfboard rental: Soft board 20,000 won / Epoxy board 40,000 won
Bodysuit rental: 10,000 won


108-16 Mallipo 1-gil, Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do