Pildong Myeonok (필동면옥)

  • Pildong Myeonok (필동면옥)
  • Pildong Myeonok (필동면옥)
  • Pildong Myeonok (필동면옥)
  • Pildong Myeonok (필동면옥)
  • Pildong Myeonok (필동면옥)
  • Pildong Myeonok (필동면옥)


Most foods from the northern region are characterized by their mild taste. In particular, Pyeongyang-style cold buckwheat noodles has a milder flavor compared to Hamheung-style cold noodles. Pildong Myeonok's cold buckwheat noodles may taste bland for those who are used to stronger flavors or seasonings, but it is praised by others who prefer mild flavors. The refreshing after taste of broth and chewy noodles are enough to delight one's tastebuds.

Pyeongyang-style dumplings is another popular dish at Pildong Myeonok.

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Vertreter Menü : Naengmyeon (Cold buckwheat noodles)

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Aus Tages : Closed on 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of the month

Bearbeitungsmenü :
ㆍNaengmyeon (Cold buckwheat noodles)
ㆍMandu (Dumplings)
ㆍSuyuk (Boiled beef slices)
ㆍJaeyuk (Pork)

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