Dongheung Jaecheop Sikdang(동흥재첩식당)

  • Dongheung Jaecheop Sikdang(동흥재첩식당)


Dongheung Jaecheop Sikdang specializes in soup made of ‘jaecheop’, a kind of small shellfish and is located near Hadong Police Office.
Having ‘jaecheop’ soup is known to strengthen liver functions by relieving one’s fatigue.
The experienced owner prepares the soup only with the natural shells harvested from Seomjingang River nearby.
Seasoned with natural ‘bucho’ (duckweed), jaecheop soup has a sweet scent and a great taste.
Also, try Dongheung’s sweet and sour ‘jaecheop hoe’ (raw shellfish mixed with vegetables in sweet and sour hot sauce).
Dishes served like a family style meals.

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10-26, Songnim 1(il)-gil, Hadong-eup, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do